About Tenacity Works

Tenacity Works is a partnership between G.E. Schmidt and Janda Automation, created to provide the resistance welding market in North America with complete solutions. The Tenacity Works partners have experience with the largest automotive and aerospace OEMs and single-machine garage shops.

The Pinch Defense (pinchdefense.com) pinch point safety system is one flagship product of Tenacity Works, but TW’s full portfolio includes everything from welders and components to consumables and engineering service:

Standard and specialty resistance welders: From standard ProLine™ Size 1 press welders and Janda Series 300 rocker arms to large multi-head and seam-welding units. Tenacity Works is the source Venturi and ladder welders, end cap, fusion and mesh welders, in manual and automated applications.

Chillers: The Chillworx™ line of chillers ranges from small half-ton units to 57-ton behemoths, all normally in stock. (For immediate assistance with chillers, email asap@tenacity-works.com)

Welder components and accessories: Weld controls, nut and bolt feeders, tip dressing/changing equipment, initiation systems, weld checkers and more.

Copper consumables and components: Standard and custom electrodes, caps, shanks, adapters, holders, seam wheels, cables, shunts castings and stock in Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 coppers and Elkonite™/copper tungsten.

Safety systems: The Pinch Defense pinch point safety system is the original stand-alone in-line safety system that protects operators at unguarded pinch points. Most styles are available in days, not months. (pinchdefense.com)

Weld Testing Stations: Horizontal and vertical pull-testers up to 20,000 lbs. for seam and spot weld testing, also available in mil-spec accuracy. Push-out test stands provide consistent and easy quality checks in nut and bolt welding applications.

Tenacity Works Mexico

Tenacity Works Mexico, S de RL de CV, is a partnership between Etal SA de CV, G.E. Schmidt Inc. and Janda Company Inc., to provide and support the world’s best resistance welding solutions throughout Mexico. TWM works with manufacturers from Tijuana and Mexicali to Puebla and beyond, with service centers and warehouses throughout Mexico.